Your Kamp KyMel experience would be incomplete without pranks.  We’ve included a variety of supplies to allow you to prank your loved ones since it will be difficult to get your fellow campers.  Just remember that all pranks are intended to be fun and give everyone a good laugh, even the person or persons being pranked.  It’s not a good prank if anyone feels hurt or harmed.  Please feel free to film your pranks or take photos and share them with the camp, but only if the person being pranked approves this.  Be sure not to film anyone in the bathroom or in private areas of the home.  And be sure to clean up any mess you may make!  Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!

Feel free to come up with your own creative pranks (always being respectful that no one gets physically harmed or has their feelings hurt).  You can film these or photograph them and share them with the Kamp KyMel community throughout the week.


Supplies:  1 box of snappers

These can be used in a variety of ways.  They’re especially effective when you tape them somewhere and someone else unexpectedly makes them pop.  An example is a door jamb (where the hinges are), so they pop when someone closes the door.  Or you can make people sit on them if you can disguise it, perhaps under a thin cushion on a hard chair.  Or you can put them in someone’s shoes so they’ll get a surprise when they slip them on.  One of the best places to put them is on the bottom of the toilet seat and then gently lower it into place because when someone sits on the seat, the loud pops will make them think they broke the toilet seat (but you can’t film this one!).

Whoopee Cushions

Supplies:  1 Whoopee Cushion

This one needs no explanation.  (These always pop pretty easily, so don’t blow them up completely or try to deflate them too aggressively so they’ll last a little longer.)

Jelly Bean Gross-Out

Supplies:  1 box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans

Straight from the world of Harry Potter, you can share your jelly beans (including flavors such as ear wax, vomit, and earthworm) with unsuspecting family and friends.  Or you can just sample them yourself!  (There are good flavors in there too!)

Oreo Fake-Out

Supplies:  1 travel pack of Oreos, 1 travel-size toothpaste

Carefully pull apart the Oreos, scrape off the filling, and replace it with toothpaste.  Place them in the refrigerator for a bit to help the toothpaste harden slightly.  Then generously share your Oreos with your loved ones.  (Bonus: you get to eat the actual filling during prep time!)

Google Eyes

Supplies:  100 google eyes

When your parents aren’t watching, decorate items in your refrigerator with google eyes, such as all the eggs and various containers (jars, cartons, etc.).  Or choose to do it with other items around the house.  It can bring things eerily to life.

Plastic Bugs

Supplies:  10 plastic cockroaches, 2 plastic spiders

You can place these around the house to create an unwelcome surprise.  In someone’s bed.  In a snack bowl.  In someone’s water glass when they’re not looking.  The cockroaches are most realistic if you place a group of them somewhere in the dark so that they’re first seen when someone turns on a light.  The spiders are most effective if you can get Dr. Bryan to see them unexpectedly.  He likes videos of these, so feel free to send them to him.

Fake Teeth

Supplies:  1 set of fake ugly teeth

Put on the fake ugly teeth and surprise friends and family.

Toilet Paper Mummy

Supplies:  2 rolls of toilet paper, 1 can shaving cream, 1 pair of safety goggles

Less of a prank, and more of an entertaining activity and a staple of past camps, this requires a willing participant to sit/stand outside in a swimsuit and safety goggles and be decorated in two rolls of toilet paper and have the gaps filled in with shaving cream to hold everything together and turn them completely white.  Make sure their eyes are protected.  When completed, take lots of pictures/videos and then hose them down!