Emeritus Members of KyMel are an elite group of individuals who have been recognized by the Board of Directors for outstanding service.

“Ma” Donna Brown

“Ma” Donna helped created Camp Hope in 1982 and served as committee chairperson until 2000.  KyMel derives its name from her two children, Kyle and Melani, in who’s memory Camp Hope was created.   Ma Donna passed away in 2021.

Ken Miller

Ken was the camp director for the very first Camp Hope held in Salina and remained involved with Camp for over 40 years. Ken is a retired science teacher/coach.  His wife, Beth, volunteered for more than 20 years and his son Stan also spent several years as a houseparent.  Ken served on the Camp Hope committee for 34 years.

Leta Nelson

Leta has been a volunteer at Camp Hope since the very first camp back in 1983. She hasn’t missed a single year. Leta has lived in McPherson her entire life and has been married to LaRue for 45 years. They have two sons, Jeremy and Andy, their wives Carol and Amanda, and four grandchildren Caitllyn, Emalee, Alaina and Rowen. She started out as as volunteer in crafts but has been a houseparent since 1986. She was a Para at Roosevelt Elementary School and retired in 2019.

Sue Lunsford


Sue has been a Camp Hope volunteer since 1985. She has served in numerous roles including serving on the planning committee as a Houseparent Director.  She is a native Oklahoman who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She was honored to be named the
Outstanding Citizen in 2013 by the Ponca City Chamber of Commerce. Sue and her companion, Clark, love to travel both in the US and overseas and she also spends time with her family: two daughters, a step-daughter and step-son, eight grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren.

Justin McGinnis

Justin has been to camp every year since it started in 1983, first as a camper and then as a volunteer.