Here is a list of items that is on our wish list for the two camps.  If you, or your company, are interested in providing any of these items please contact us. 

Walmart & Sam’s Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards



Command Strips and Glue Dots for pictures/wall hangings to be used on walls to hang posters, etc

Epi Pens – need 3 Youth and 3 Adult


3 Drawer chests with wheels to store toiletry items in bathrooms

Inexpensive eye shadow, lip gloss, fingernail polish & remover, colored spray for hair.  The younger girls like to have a “make up night”

Shower Caddies – for Shampoo, soap, etc.  Type that hang from a shower head

Used digital cameras for photo contests

Small toys or stuffed animals to use for awards and prizes (New items only, please)

Donations to offset the printing of our annual yearbook (approximately $3,000 annually)

Cost of the application software that we use ($5,000 annually)

Monetary donations are always needed and appreciated

Any and all donations are appreciated.  If you would like more information about KyMel and our programs please contact us at [email protected]