KyMel has been honored to receive donations in memory of the following people:

Elise Ballard
Darrell Bradshaw
Mark Brightbill
Donna Brown
Esther Brown
Herbert Clinton Brown
Thomas Bulin
Dade Cannon
Frank Clark
Helen Curran
Laresta Dunfield
Larry Gales
Chelsea Glavin
Anita Harrold
Jimetta “Meeta” Holding
Jose Luis “Lou” Ibarra, Jr
Kris Ibarra
Bonnie Jakabosky
Janelle Cordell Janish
Rosie Lauber
Maureen Leahy
Don Losew
Marla Macy
Carl Marks
Mahlon Miller
Patrick Monaghan
Glynn Mortimer
Geraldine Peschka
Mary Helen Richter
Darren Schloemer
Alan Schneiweis
Brandon Simmons
Isaac Sittenauer
Buck Sommerkamp
Janice Kay Turner
Dean Whitmore
Karen Wohlwend
Rose Younger

These are memorials that have been received since 2013.  Any memorials prior to that time are held by the American Cancer Society. Please contact us if you too would like to leave a lasting tribute for a loved one.