Hi Campers and Volunteers!

Sorry we couldn’t be together for Camp Hope this year, I was really looking forward to making new friends and connecting with old friends (And some are really OLD!).

This world is crazy right now, right?  Who better to talk about your problems with than good old Dear Abbey? Please write, then sing or speak your letter to Dear Abbey, then upload the video with your grievances or celebrations to:

Dear Abbey at:  [email protected]

and watch for your answer to be posted soon!


Dear Abbey!

To help you, I’ve included a couple of examples. You will notice that each line is written with 4-6 syllables, that helps with the rhythm of the song.

Dear Abbey, Dear Abbey,

I have a complaint.                 (4-5-syllables)

This summer’s messed up      (5-syllables)

And I’m not a saint.                 (5-syllables)

I miss Camp and hanging        (6-syllables)

Around with my friends.         (5-syllables)

Tell me, please tell me,           (5-syllables)

Will this ever end?                  (5-syllables)

Signed,                                    (signed)

Bored and Lonely                    (A name that goes with your opening statement)

Dear Abbey, Dear Abbey,

I must confess.                        (4-5-syllables)

My arts and craft room           (5-syllables)

Is really a mess.                       (5-syllables)

I know I keep saying               (6-syllables)

I’ll clean it next week.             (5-syllables)

But the chance of that,           (5-syllables)

Is looking quite bleak. (           5-syllables)

Signed,                                    (signed)

Crazy Crafter                           (A name that goes with your opening statement)